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Microhouse is an award winning collaboration of architects, landscape architects, designers, and constructability experts who are passionate about the design of small houses and their communities. As a young flexible team we are energetic, resourceful, creative, and passionate about our work. Our collaborative approach to design allows us to draw on a vast resource of knowledge that we apply to our projects both local and worldwide. This approach allows us to fully realize our clients’ goals on a wide range of projects. We take pride in creating innovative designs that are closely tailored to local conditions and construction technologies.

Microhousing is a concept that is adapts the spatial and social dynamics of traditional communities and re-imagines them to create modern urban villages. It embraces simplicity and connection to place and community. As people seek to live more simple purposeful lives microhousing has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Comfortably accommodating all of the functions and activities in a tiny house requires thoughtful design. The multiple domestic and social demands of living require the small spaces to be flexible and adaptable. Because the interior spaces are small natural lighting and the visual continuity to the outside is vitally important. Thoughtful placement of windows, doors, and opening walls bring the outside in and make the interior seem more spacious. In a sense, the exterior spaces become an important as the interior layout itself. The careful balance between the two is the hallmark of a vibrant design. Our design team is at the forefront of the innovation of efficient concepts within this spatial and social framework.

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