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magnolia cottage
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Ben and January have a challenging steeply sloping site in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood. It is also a site well suited to a backyard cottage with separation between their house and cottage provided by the slope.

The two floor two bedroom unit squeaks in at just under 800 sq. ft. the maximum allowed size for a backyard cottage in Seattle. The gable roof design is not only energy efficient, and affordable to build, but the simple form gave us an opportunity to play around with the overall style of the building. The covered front porch faces south to capture winter sun with distant views of Mt. Rainier.

Our experience with backyard cottages and working in environmentally critical areas enabled us to provide budgeting and logistical information at the beginning of the design process allowing them to make the most out of their limited budget. The cottage is being used successfully as a short term rental.

backyard cottage 2



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